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Vinyl wallpapers

This is the most popular option due to its versatility. It’s not difficult to install, easy to remove and easy to clean…

Acrilyc/Vinyl coated wallpaper

This one is an upgrade from plain wallpaper and it offers the durability and washability that paper alone does not…

Flock and glass beaded wallpaper

Velvet-like textured or glass beaded pattern or design raised of a metallic or regular paper. It must be…

Grasscloth wallpaper

Wallcovering made from hand-woven strands of natural fibers on an unpasted rice paper backing…

Non-woven wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is vinyl free, washable and breathable, so no need to worry about mold…

Custom printed wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper printed as per the choice of the customer. They are usually corporate images or…


The material used to cover the area of wall between a kitchen countertop and the upper cabinets…

Wood wall/ceiling treatments

This is one different way to add style to a wall or a ceiling. There’s some different treatments…

Tara R.
Tara R.
Lara did EXCELLENT work! I highly recommend and will definitely be using her again! Her crew was efficient, detailed and professional. I love that they left it cleaner than when they got there. 💕
Phillipe A.
Phillipe A.
Amazing team that installed our wallpaper! I would recommend to use them and you will not be disappointed. You will be glad you did!
Shray c.
Shray c.
They have done an exceptional job at my new business, and I am so happy that I hired them for this job. They also help you selecting the wallpaper and using their business account will get you a huge discount. They are fully responsible and care about their work not money. If I would describe their work in one word that would be “Elegance” .
Kelli M.
Kelli M.
Lara’s work is excellent. This is the second time I have had her in my home to hang wallpaper.
Zarah K.
Zarah K.
Great work wallpapering my powder room!
Sarah A.
Sarah A.
They did a great job! Wallpaper looks fantastic! They even papered the outlet covers.
Carolyn L.
Carolyn L.
Love love love their work!!!!
Hope L.
Hope L.
I love their work. It turned out perfect. I am using them for 3 other projects. I highly recommend them.
Roslyn T.
Roslyn T.
Maria and her team from Lara Wallcoverings were terrific!! Highly recommend them for the quality of the work, their professionalism and doing the job beautifully in record time! We could not be happier!! Great job!
John N.
John N.
Professional, on time, helpful, made sure I understood the process and provided recommendations. Excellent all the way around!

Lara Remodeling is a family business

Led by Maria Lopez, dedicated to remodeling houses until 2020, the year in which we moved from Florida to Texas looking for a quieter city to live in, and then where we exclusively dedicate ourselves to making Wallcoverings: Wallpaper, Wood walls, molding walls and backsplashes.

Being one of our happy clients is very simple

  • Send us a picture of the area.

  • Send us a picture of the Wallcovering you are willing to install.

  • Send us your location.

  • We will be back to you as soon as we can (within 24 hours most of the time) with the estimate and dates suggestion.

Note: some projects require that we go to take measurements and see the space.

If you have not yet bought your wallpaper, in Wallpapers Galore (17390 Preston Rd, Dallas TX 75252) help you choose the one that best suits your space and decoration!

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When @amyjoycedesigns called me to do the job of prep the room for her installation of a nursery which was going to be a gender reveal…I said challenge accepted!!!  The instructions were clear: doing the job in 2 days (3 as much) and take care that the parents never take a look at anything that could give them a clue of the gender! 😆 That was nice!!!! We enjoyed a lot!  Paint the walls, prep the other ones, light installation (by @lucramtech ) and wallpaper in an accent wall of the bedroom and the whole bathroom 💪🏻  I must confess that there was a stressful moment when the client told Amy there a was “a drop of something outside” I almost died…and Amy almost killed me! 🥴 but it was a small drop of compound so NO COLOR SHOWN!  Another happy client, another reason to continue spreading happiness in this world! 😊  Thank you @amyjoycedesigns and @designer_kayleigh for the opportunity of walking with you making your ideas come true!  PS: for sure I have an estimate pending to send you at the moment of posting this video, I’m working on it, I’ll send it in a few today!  #lararemodeling #larawallcoverings #laraservices #larainteriors #dallaswallpaper #wallpaperinstaller #wallpaperhanger #painting #roomrenovation #dallasinteriordesign #interiordesignideas
Yes! The best part is when I get the photos with the project finished 📸  Not always happen because the honor of posting all the design is for the interior designer but sometimes I can delight in seeing the final result in person 😁✨  Design by @ryidesign for @tollbrothers model home  #lararemodeling #larawallcoverings #laraservices #dallaswallpaper #wallpaperinstaller #wallpaperhanger
Transforming spaces is our expertise, and we’re not just limited to wallpaper!  Watch until the end to check the meticulous process of crafting a stunning fireplace wall with intricate tiles. At Lara, we redefine walls with a touch of artistry 🔥🔨  #lararemodeling #laraservices #larawallcoverings #fireplacewall #tilejobs #tiling #dallastile #dallaswallpaper #WallCoveringArtisans #RemodelingExcellence #BeyondWallpaper
They bought this house recently and were desperate to make it a HOME…so FIRST plan was:  *** CHANGING ALL THE WALLPAPER ***  Great idea!!!💡✨  Take a look at one of the B&A of their rooms 🥰  Be as smart as the Colemans: CONTACT US!
📱 +1 786 613 8090  #wallpaperinstaller #wallpaperhanger #lararemodeling #laraservices #larawallcoverings #dallaswallpaper #laundrywallpaper #beforeandafter
As I have told you before: I love to do windows, love that look like the manufacturer built the window with the wallpaper installed already 😁  There’s always a story behind every finished window: this one was the challenge of doing it being placed close to the corner and to the upper cabinets 🥴 (I know professional installers understand me better 😆)  But as always, I enjoyed so much wrapping it up!  Contact us NOW to +1 786 613 8090 📱  #lararemodeling #laraservices #larawallcoverings #dallaswallpaper #wallpaperinstaller #wallpaperhanger
All the patterns of Black Edition are stuning!!! 🔥  The texture they mixed with the color shades and patterns are unique ✨  It’s always a pleasure to install this kind of Wallcovering…it’s something we really enjoy…even if we have to do the grill and the switch plates 😁🥰  Another happy day for us, another happy client ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  #lararemodeling #larawallcoverings #laraservices #wallpaperinstaller #wallpaperhanger #dallaswallpaper #blackedition #romogroup
What about these Before & Afters?  2 small bathrooms and 2 big patterns selected…amazing changes!  Wallpaper is a room character. You won’t need to do anything else! ✨  Contact US NOW to get this stunning changes 🔥  #lararemodeling #larawallcoverings #wallpaperhanger #wallpaperinstaller #dallaswallpaper
A little mudroom furniture transformation with one roll only…isn’t it pretty???  #laraservices #lararemodeling #larawallcoverings #mudroom #wallpaperhanger #wallpaperinstaller #dallaswallpaper

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